The Desires of Thine Heart—Scratching a Spiritual Itch

The Desires of Thine Heart—Scratching a Spiritual Itch was written as a daily journal by the author during a personal forty-day period of prayer, fasting, and meditation in the Word of God. It reveals how Pastor Tony was anointed by the Lord to prayer and fasting by virtue of his own heart's desire to please God and draw closer to him. During the course of writing his journal notes, it became clear that the Lord wanted him to share his personal experiences so that others who desire a closer walk with God might benefit via the revelation knowledge and spiritual insights he gained while exercising this spiritual discipline. Through the sharing of the daily revelations he received, the challenges to his faith that he experienced, and the awesome receipt of book bags that were promised to him by God, Pastor Tony's book reveals a progressively intimate relationship with God. This can be attained by anyone with a true heart's desire for absolute companionship and communion with God.

--Tony Mitchell

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