The Death of Annie

A seventy-year-old physician watched a small frazzled, deathly ill diabetic dog take its last breath. He was overcome with a sudden inexplicable feeling of loss and bewilderment. After a lifetime of experiencing hundreds of deaths in the emergency room, in the war zone, and of friends and family, he was suddenly obsessed with developing a better understanding of life—a more objective, and as it were, scientific explanation. Beginning with the big bang and ending with the crowning achievement of evolution—the human brain—the author discusses the limits of the human brain, the successes and dangers of science, the inadequate teaching of human evolution to students, blending into each chapter the necessity for an Outside Force, a Prime Mover, to learn, to explain, and to provide answers for all the questions that human beings have asked since they became conscious of their being.

--C. Thomas Cook, M.D.

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