The Colors of My Country

“Unsure of where I belong geographically, I grow in personal identity. In myself, I find a blending of nations and the intersection of culture. What pleasure to think that perhaps I am my own country!”

What begins as a compilation of memories morphs into a broader analysis of transition when one moves from country to country or stays in one place and encounters an unexpected variety of people otherwise presumed to be like oneself. The writing examines a personal journey of cultural assimilation, maneuvering through nuances of acceptable language and social rituals followed by feeling the loss of friends and place when heading to yet another unfamiliar location. Questions arise about one's worth when geographical roots are perceived as unattainable and identity seems as fragmented as the mosaic of cultural influences.

Herein lies hope that perspective gained through the passing of years helps to seal the quandaries with stability and that home can be found in loving people and faith in God. Grace be upon those whose children have chosen global citizenship, continents away from their nomadic parents, and offspring whose hands are raised to heaven for sustenance, far from the warmth of what is familiar.

--Esther Lee Barron

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