The Carrier

Rumors have spread about the land, rumors of a pair of priceless medallions that hold unimaginable power. It is told that when the two are brought together, they will bring the bearer great fortune and the whole of the land will be forced to bow at his feet and come to ruin at his hand. Alas, rumors are often misleading. They are naught but cunning tools put in place to mislead and bring fear to those who are kept from the truth.

These coveted medallions are not the holders of power, but the bringers of devastation and death.

Cursed and desperate, Astor of Blanc has laid siege to the grand holding of Catriona. He seeks the second of the two medallions and an end to the curse that will soon unleash a demon unlike any mankind has seen.

To remove the enchanted medallion from the safety of Catriona, Astor must first find where it has been hidden. He must also find a carrier, for not just anyone can remove the medallion from its sanctuary.

Time is running out. Astor has until the close of summer to end the riddle that is the curse of the medallions and save the woman he loves, himself, and his people from certain destruction.

--K.L. Brown

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