The Brazen Brooklynite

After Shlomo recovers from his heart attack, he flies en route to the Grand Canyon, but two desperados—fresh from their latest bank heist—have other ideas. They flag Shlomo down in his car and force him to drive them to their secret lair. There he stumbles upon a source of potential great wealth. Soon Shlomo and his captors find they need each other.

One thing leads to another, until our hero is catapulted into never-ending mountains of mayhem and madness—laced with scoopfuls of sauciness —that take him and the desperados to Mexico and back while being tailed surreptitiously by a sheriff.

Along the way is a cast of unforgettable characters. There's the greedy sheriff of the town that's been hit by a bank holdup who's more interested in the effect of the heist on his budget than he is on capturing the robbers. And the seedy soul who's an admirer of Hitler. He spends most of his days eyeing customers at the local hardware store and tails one of them to disasters' end.

At the end, the source of great wealth is within grasp. Or does greed bite?

--Milton Turoff

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