The Book of Ruth: Journey to Paradise

The way back to life and the overcoming of this world is through the life which Jesus lived. It is a life of affliction and persecution, stemming from that same principality and power that caused Adam and Eve to fall from life unto death and all those who seek eternal life shall suffer likewise. But this life is also filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory. And there are no common words which carry with them an experience known of men which are sufficient to describe these things to an unbeliever. They just have to come to the Jesus themselves to find out. It is, after all, a deeply personal experience between a person and their God.

The fallen man, the man of the world, and the type and character of that man, together with the inevitable death he brought upon himself and his sons, characterize the way Jesus found the children of Israel at his coming. But not all the children were like-minded, and God would make a way for their salvation which could not fail, for it would not depend on their own perfection, or even the Levitical law, but through belief in their most holy faith, even the Word of God.


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