The Blessings of a Tentmaker

“The Blessings of a Tentmaker” is a story that has influenced the values and outcomes of my life and the lives of my children and grandchildren; it has had a similar great impact for good on hundreds and thousands of people around the globe! This book is not simply about ministry, it is a book of family stories. What is fascinating to realize, as I've read these stories, is how the character, actions and adventures of a parent will often be repeated by the children, as my siblings can also attest. As you read this book, consider not simply the value of the stories but also of your responsibility to God that will be reflected in your children and descendants! God help us to be careful what we allow to take root in our lives so that only what is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, excellent, and worth imitating, as the Apostle Paul admonished, can be written of us and be transferred to the next generation.

This book evokes another consideration: What is the perfect job or the perfect life? Does it exist? My dad is both a businessman (yes, to this day!) and a minister. Asking this question is begging the background question for what is the purpose of a life? My dad explores this theme in this book. My son recently told me of an anonymous and relevant quote, “Dreamers dream; implementer's change the world.” Implementing requires a plan or a purpose. My dad discovered his purpose, and therefore his perfect job, by intentionally taking time each day to worship the God who created him and who “knit” him together in his mother's womb for a specific purpose (Psalms 139:13). Those times of worship became the basis for action as he trusted that he had a talent and a message to share.

--Giles J. Isaacson

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