The Art of Tailoring : Step by step skills that can lead to a Career

Welcome to the wonderful art of tailoring. In this book, you will find the skills needed to master your craft and run a profitable sewing business. If you have the slightest sewing skills, you can learn the trade of tailoring to make money full time or part time or just altering garments for yourself. This book teaches you step-by-step skills of how to master each altering task to make garments look professional. The same skills that I teach in this book are the mastered skills I used to own and run several alteration shops in my twenty-five-year career. The skills are written in simple form, so you can understand the tasks clearly. Many books out there you have to read so much unnecessary writing to get to the real how to do task.

This book gets right to each task and explains tailoring clearly, so you can read it and start making money with a little practice right away. I have never seen a book that is written as simple and as straightforward as this book. You will be so proud of yourself after reading this book and the knowledge you have gained in tailoring. This book not only explains the alteration task, but it offers inside tips that only someone working in the trade can give. It will explain simple tips that will also bring in more income just knowing them. Once you read this exceptional book, it will also explain how to deal with customers the professional way. When you apply your skills from this book correctly, you will have clients coming to you year after year for your expert service. The skills you will learn here will help you to define your sewing knowledge and with practice earn money. This book will help you to become self-sufficient in earning your own living and becoming more in control of your own destiny.

--Karen S. Itin

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