The Antics of Lacy and Penny: Our Family

The Antics of Lacy and Penny is a cute story about two sibling puppies living in a blended family. Their owner is a single working mother. The puppies share the same dad but different mothers. This makes for a great story to mirror the lives of many children living in similar blended families.

Lacy and Penny constantly find themselves pushing family boundaries in a comical fashion. They provide the reader much needed levity evoking a welcomed smile or chuckle. Since our world is full of dog lovers, we experience many similar events within our own dog ownership situations. Their puppy ways should rekindle our own dog ownership memories.

While their mom is away at work, Lacy and Penny get into trouble. Just like our children, they must learn from their own mistakes. These two puppies suffer from the human condition of jealousy, pride, lack of belonging, boredom, and loneliness. Their human mother responds back with grace, understanding, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

Through the lens of this dog family, the reader will learn the importance of following boundaries, misplaced sorrow of jealousy, consequences of behavior, and how working though daily life struggles can build stronger relationships.

The book is written for children but should be enjoyed by all dog lovers. It is lighthearted, funny, and full of hidden wisdom to help our children maneuver through their own personal struggles. Journeying with Lacy and Penny will allow the reader to realize their life matters and their uniqueness adds the splash of spice every family needs.

--Arlene Belmont

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