The Answers: All of Them and No B.S.

The Answers All of Them and No B.S. sounds like a pretty pompous statement, but when you consider it, this book proves that the Bible is the only perfect written composition, consisting of sixty-six books, written by many different men inspired by God, over a period of thousands of years. That proves God is real, using mathematics and fulfilled prophecy; that He is the One Who created heaven and earth; and that there is no such thing as the big bang, which science keeps on trying to sell to everybody (it may be something of an understatement). Not many books offer true, life-changing information as does this one. Open your mind and heart and allow the Lord God Almighty to reveal Himself to you. Become a new person by the power of the blood of Jesus. Go ahead. Open the book. Read it. You'll be glad you did.

--James Smith

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