The Age of Ages and the Christian's Future: The Hope Beyond Heaven

This book is primarily for the Christian, but anyone who reads its pages will be enriched by its content. All should understand the full and complete gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Christian's hope, when fully understood, is the greatest promise ever given to any being in all of God's creation. When the good news is revealed, it gives the believer what I call “hold-on power.” Hold-on power is what the Christian receives when the Holy Spirit makes known in his or her being that everything in the gospel is true and, therefore, worthy of holding on to. The truths written in this book do just that—and also for all non-Christian readers. You will find a Christian perspective on aliens, UFOs, and whether there is life on other planets. Was there life on earth before the emergence of man? Where do demons come from, and did God make them? What is the future for all of creation? These and many, many more questions will be addressed by this revelation; but most importantly, the reader will learn what happens in the universe when all who are going to heaven are admitted, and the kingdom of God is instituted. It is my hope that all who read will understand the full scope of the unsearchable riches of Christ and, just like me, repent and receive the Lord Jesus Christ and this wonderful hope.

--Lee R. Bruner

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