The Adventures of the Dream Kidz: The Disciples

Sissy and her little brother, Tommy, are off to an adventure. When they close their eyes, they find themselves at the gate of heaven. As they wander down the street of gold, they meet Adam and Eve, they see the baby Jesus being born, they meet the disciples, and they see Jesus in person.

As they watch from afar at all the things these people are saying and doing, they learn lessons that God wants to teach them: Does God see everything we do? What happens when they don't obey God? Does God realty love us? How do we get to heaven? The find the answers to these questions and more as they observe the people in the Bible stories and how God works in their lives.

They see Jesus in the desert being tempted by the devil, and they see Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. They see Jesus as He calls His disciples, and they follow Him as He teaches the people and performs miracles. And, sadly, they see Jesus crucified on the cross for the sins of humankind.

When they open their eyes, they excitedly talk about where they have been, what they have seen, and what they think God wants to teach them through their “trips” with the Bible characters.

Are Sissy and Tommy dreaming? Or are they really going to heaven? What do you think?

--Sandy Finne

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