The Adventures of Ezekiel Alexander Thornbird - Trials and Tribulations: A Journey of Awakenings

Ezekiel's human sister, Ashia, who just graduated high school volunteers to go on her first solo trip to pick up a new batch of puppies, and even though her parents were very nervous about it, they let her go with Ezekiel by her side.

On this trip, things do not go even remotely as planned. Because of an unfortunate encounter with two thieves, Ashia gets badly hurt. Ezekiel is forced to call out for help, and eventually help comes. It is an unlikely bunch of characters who team up together to keep Ashia safe and to get her where humans can help her.

Along the way, the team meets up with an evil adversary, a mysterious shadow that makes a weird sound and startling new acquaintances.

An army of caring critters take it upon themselves to capture the two men that hurt Ashia and detain them in a most unusual way.

After getting Ashia some much needed medical attention, a discovery is revealed.

Ezekiel and Ashia, along with their parents, return to the wooded area to say thank you and goodbye to the ones that helped to save Ashia's life. It is a joyous meeting.

--Lisa Gayle Miles

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