the "________" disciple

There are many books and teachings about what a disciple is and how to become a disciple, etc. There are many outlines, guides, steps, classes, courses, and programs in churches to help in that process. JC have been through many of them, and all of them felt like work or performance. Of course, if you throw in “the Holy Spirit” roles, it seems like all will be well.

But honestly, are all these things really working? Are our churches now filled with mighty men of GOD, filled with the Spirit of God, disciple-making sons of GOD?

On August 12, 2012, after sharing at a men's breakfast at his church about being Jesus's disciple, he felt confused and disappointed. Since his main study and passion was living as a “doulos,” slave, of God, how does this all tie in together? Then (by the Holy Spirit) he saw it: to be the Lord's disciple, you first must become His willing, obedient slave. And that's how he came up with the title of this book.

By filling in the “blank” with the missing ingredient, “Slave, bondservant” (one who was in a permanent relation of servitude to Him (GOD), whose will was consumed in the Will and Glory of GOD), the Spirit had shown him the difference between the power of the early “true” disciples of Jesus Christ and the performance based lives of the 21st century “so called, self-proclaimed” disciples of Jesus Christ.

May the holy Words of GOD feed your hungry souls with truth and power as you daily surrender to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

--Johnny Titus Cerilli

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