Tears in a Bottle: A Journey through Grief

“Jesus wept . . .” No matter if it is your parent, spouse, child or friend who dies, grief comes to us all. Vickie Truett has walked this road and has a Biblical message of comfort and hope to share with you in her book.

“Tears in a Bottle; A Journey Through Grief” will encourage you and point you to the eternal source of comfort. Take time to read this book and keep a Bible close by to read the many passages referenced and mark them in your copy of scripture.

Vickie found God's healing and moved from tears to song. While you may not have a voice like hers, you will once again sing with joy when the Father of all comfort teaches you from the pen of this lady.

A cliché people often use is “read them and weep,” I suggest you read these pages and find joy in the tears.

Pastor Ted Taylor,

Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL

--Vickie Truett

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