Teaching in the Trenches : Discipline and Classroom Management

This book is a survival guide for new teachers

"Teaching in the trenches” is an expression used to describe the obstacles and battles that teachers encounter in the daily classroom environment. This book has been written by a teacher with thirty years of teaching experience. She shares the hilarious and heartbreaking accounts of her journey as a teacher and the positive effects of discipline and classroom management.

The author provides these details in the book:

● the importance of the first two weeks of school;

● disciplining the low-socioeconomic students;

● how to become a no-nonsense teacher;

● believing in your students;

● speaking their language;

● classroom management;

● lesson plans;

● goal setting;

● organizing paperwork;

● your confidence;

● learning to laugh;

● being spontaneous;

and much, much more.

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--Sandra Fletcher Williams

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