Tea With Donna: A Passion for Education

What are the teaching skills and personal characteristics that distinguish truly remarkable teachers from the many “good” teachers? Clearly, the answer goes beyond knowledge of subject matter and love of teaching. In fact, great teachers make a personal connection with their students that is meaningful, impactful, and heartfelt. Donna Stack was that teacher who, over the course of her thirty-four years as a high school and college teacher, was able to reach the heart and soul of her students.

With her combination of demanding high academic standards while offering encouragement and support, Donna valued her students, and they knew it. She modeled the behaviors she expected of her students, and they loved her for it.

In today's changing and challenging world of education, the talents, values, and behaviors she embodied are timeless and are needed now more than ever.

Through her own words and with comments made by her students, colleagues, friends, and family, readers will gain numerous insights about how a master teacher was able to cultivate an extraordinary legacy that transitioned over time from teacher to mentor and, ultimately, to lifelong friend.

--Jon Martinson

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