Talk To Me, God...I'm Confused

At last, a crash course not written by a college

professor, a self-help guru, or a Tibetan monk to

help Christians avoid the potholes of life. With

a down-to-earth approach, Talk to Me, God...I'm

Confused is all about acknowledging the problems

of life and dealing with them with patience and

understanding. When Christians fall behind

in their spiritual life, they need the priming of

prayer and worship and the guidance that sharpens

sinners who must deal with suff ering and hardship.

Talk to Me, God...I'm Confused is all about priming

and sharpening the spiritual tools that keeps God's

people from stumbling through life. Life can be

fun or futile; take your pick, for our God permits

us to make our own choices. But as long as we have

him on our side—an all-knowing God who loves

us—why try to go it alone?

--Wayne Bartelt

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