Tales of a Double Daring Duo: Chapters 1-6: The Courageous Files: Top Secret Chapter 7-12: An Explorer's Guide to Heavenly Treasures

As Secret Agent 777, Katie Courageous fights the forces of evil around the globe. You will be kept on the edge of your seat while laughing at and with Katie as she navigates the missions assigned to her by Briles Brilliant! Katie sometimes wonders what is more difficult, her perilous adventures, or mentoring her rambunctious sister, Cathy, who is always accompanied by her annoying dog, Fluffles.

Minnesota Smith comes from a long line of explorers. Team up with her as she goes in quest of valuable treasures that are difficult to find and are hidden in not so safe or friendly places. She must use cunning and the wisdom of her ancestors to survive her escapades. The tension created by the dangers you will encounter are somewhat lessened by humorous surprises!

Through their adventures, both Katie and Minnesota discover a lot about themselves, their families, and what is truly valuable in this world. When faced with the treachery of dastardly foes, our heroines make some startling discoveries. True bravery and the most valuable of treasures are measured and found in places where you might not even think of searching! So put on your imagination and hang on to your seat as you meet this dynamic duo!

--Jeff Hall

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