Sustaining Courage in the Face of Chronic Illness: Daddy, are you Going to be Okay?

As long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest shall not cease. However, between planting and harvest, from the expectation to manifestation, time and processes are involved. When one is dealing with the challenges of any chronic illness, the miracle you pray for may not be instantaneous.

How do you keep faith alive even when all your senses are seemingly contrary to your hope and expectation?

How do your loved ones, especially latency age kids who pray daily for your healing, sustain courage when they are yet to see you rise from your sickbed?

No easy answers.

The prophet needed angelic food to sustain him for the long journey ahead. Faith comes and is sustained by hearing and hearing the Word.

Above all, basking in the consciousness of his love knowing that as He is, so are you.

Read on and may God speak warmly to your heart.

--Dr. Okey Nwangburuka

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