Susie is the story of a girl born into an alcoholic family with a strong will to live and overcome the neglect and abuse of parents who had no idea of how to be parents. Susie was one of nine siblings who has a story to tell. This story touches on many situations that happen in these kind of family dynamics. The loss of a brother and sister due to neglect plays into the pain that she had to overcome. Terror from many situations was also a main force that caused a bondage that had to be broken. The stronghold of keeping family secrets is a main cause of destruction, and child molesters being one of the secrets that tears a family apart when they think that not talking about it is the glue that holds it all together.

Susie carried these dynamics to the next generation to repeat the cycle of abuse, but in her neediness, she called out to the Lord for help. She invited him into her life to take over. He changed a hopeless life into a life that changed generations of destruction to restoration.

Marrying very young and being thrown into motherhood and becoming the rancher wife while her husband went to school to get an education to become a teacher in order to be able to afford being a rancher was quite an undertaking.

This family story grew into quite a tale of raising three sons on the ranch. The Lord did a total makeover of the family dynamic, and the cycles of abuse came to an end. Time goes by so fast. Before they knew it, they became grandparents and then great-grandparents. Susie's husband passed away after fighting off cancer for almost ten years. Jesus walked through this with them also, and after almost fifty-four years of marriage, she is now waiting for the plan the Lord has for her. Plans to give her a hope and a future.

--Sue Funk

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