Surviving The Water Crisis: A Guide For People, Pets, Plants, And Planet Earth

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It discusses:

• A water shortage effecting as many as half of the world's population that has been forecast by the science community. It is predicted to reach its peak in less than three decades. How can you ensure that you will not become a victim of the coming water crisis?

• Areas of the United States and world are most vulnerable to water issues.

• Regions which are least likely to have problems based on current studies.

• Which carcinogens and other contaminants have been found in your home water. We know and will tell you how to find out.

• The best, least expensive ways to remove the dangerous chemicals in your water.

• The best places to live in the US to avoid the predicted water shortage and the worst.

• How global weather changes are affecting the availability of potable water *

• 10 new inventions/innovations that can help reduce or eliminate water shortages and how can you participate in and profit from their development.

• How you can improve your health, well-being and longevity with safe water.

• 100 steps and projects you can take to save water, humans, wildlife and planets.

• The “recommended daily allowance” for water consumption for adults and for children. *

• Which variables can influence the amount of water needed.

• 10 scenarios leading up to the “perfect storm,” even when storms are scarce.

• Why violent storms and flooding are as bad or worse than a drought in terms of potable water supplies.

• Why dehydration is considered to be a serious, pervasive, and often undetected human condition that can lead to chronic disease and even death. Why many people are suffering daily, not realizing a simple “cure” is close by. How to determine if you are dehydrated.

• The early symptoms of dehydration.

• What other diseases are spread by water and its “accomplices.”

• Why water is considered to be a monster and prolific killer after humans have affected it.

• Why your fate may hinge on that of 3 billion people more than 3000 miles away.

• What you could do if our borders are overrun by people desperately searching for enough safe water to help them live a few more days.

• How much time you have to prepare for what scientists predict to be a dire global crisis affecting more than 50% of the population.

• Which factors and bad habits are threatening to deplete our potable water supply.

• How you can help those in need without sacrificing your own life and that of your family.

• How a partnership between you, your neighbors, and your local government can help ensure your health and safety.

• Why government efforts alone are not adequate for delivering our water to our homes and protecting its content.

• How you can protect your future water supply by making a few changes to your home's construction.

• Why certain cancers are being related to the use of lawn care chemicals.

• The difference between acid and alkaline water. Is one better than the other? Which is safer?

• How plastics are complicating water issues.

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--Jeff Foster

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