Substantial Fortune: A Parable About Greed and Self-Sacrifice

Substantial Fortune, a parable about greed and self-sacrifice.

Imagine another world where the unseen spiritual and moral realities of our world are visible and tangible. Where a person's vices or virtues can be seen in the color of their eyes. Where a person's physical appearance displays the true state of their soul. Where supernatural beings, invisible to us here, are very visible there. Welcome to Varden! Welcome to a cold, dark world that gives us a new perspective on life in our own world.

In this first book in the series, we meet Arboron, a greedy businessman who is about to make a killing in the forestry business. It will be the biggest deal of his life. It will also be his biggest mistake. Powerful forces are at work to bring an end to all of Arboron's plans. So much more is going on behind the scenes than he can understand.

What he did not count on was a curious orphan boy, a generous gypsy girl, and an old theology professor on a quest to find a mysterious, violet key. The key has the power to produce incredible greed, or acts of great sacrifice. Everyone who holds it is changed by it forever. What is the real key to finding a substantial fortune?

--Steven J. Carlsen

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