Subject to Change

Patricia Braun finds herself putting her past behind her and setting off for her future, a future that included a home of her own where she was mistress of her own course in life. However, when she returns to her beloved Evergreen after being sent to a preparatory school that taught her very little in the way of education, she finds her life not at all as she hoped. She is thrust into unwanted situation after unwanted situation, creating more chaos and danger in her life than she ever wished for. All she wanted was to be able to have a say in her life, stability. Was that truly too much to ask? As her past collides with her current situation, Patricia is left with the decision to stick to her original plan or to trust a man she hardly knows.

Sir Gerald Hamilton was perfectly content with his life as it was. He had a roof over his head, food in his belly, and a family who adored him. However, when Patricia Braun enters his life, he quickly finds his world to be stifling and frustrating. The only thing that matters to him is her ability to choose her own future and for her to have a future. Will he allow her to make that choice when the time comes or be another overbearing protector like so many others in her life? Will he do the right thing or do simply because he is a pawn in someone else's plan for her life? In the end, will her choice be him?

--Cynthia Benson

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