Streams of Mercy; Turning Impossibilities to Possibilities

Streams of Mercy is a true story of a teenage orphan who turned so

many impossibilities to possibilities. She lost her mother at 13 and her

father at 19 and was tossed into the unknown and unsecure world

though a beautiful one by God's creation with no hold like a rudderless

ship. She looked to the right no father, to the left no mother. No one

should have to suff er her kind of pains.

No one can replace your father and mother.

Within the short period of her life with her parents, she had been

grounded in the knowledge of the power of faith, hope and love of

God the heavenly father. That was her place of solace. The very fact of

the absence of the spiritual aura of the parents made the journey more

tedious and excruciating. Here is a simple truth that is generally lost in

the scheme of things; a child with two living parents has three prayer

pivots and routes to the throne of grace. When they die, those pivots

and routes are reduced to just one. This makes the life of an orphan

unenviable on all levels.

She had to survive on her own along with her siblings. The journey

took her through many mountains and valleys including moments of

joy and sadness, success and failure, laughing and weeping, births and

deaths, frustration and restoration. The pivotal essence of her life was

the streams of mercy. At every juncture of obstacles and impossibilities,

the wonderful, beautiful and calming stream of mercy fl ow from the

throne of grace to create a way to the possible. This experience is

beyond imagination.

This book will touch your life like never before. Enjoy and share.

--Ronke Carons

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