Stop! Humanity's Roots Live: Unchanged Nature Since the Fall of Man

For nearly eight decades of life, I have not witnessed a single change in the nature of humans but recognize that all humans possess the same cognitive “traits and characteristics” differentiated only by scale or degree. Environment and opportunity influence these (not nature). Briefly, this book was prompted by what I would refer to as the audacity of modernity. That is that is that somehow, modern conveniences including technology has rewarded the current generation superior to all that came before. In this writing, we will see that changing one's circumstances without a change of heart is a fool's errand.

“Francesco Sardina has done a masterful job of summarizing and evaluating 6000 years of human history from the Garden of Eden to our world of COVID-19. The book is philosophical and reflective (good for us seniors) and requires us to put on our thinking caps as we read. It's an up-to-date critique of modern day society as well as ancient societies. The author notes that as a pattern nations rise and fall throughout time, and warns us that the US is no exception. In fact he shows that in spite of scientific and technological advances even now the US is showing definite signs of decline. He implies that unless we want to repeat history, we should put our houses in order and return to the basics. We should choose ‘truth, goodness and beauty' over ‘power mongering, sexual incontinence and treasure hoarding'. Without being pushy, the author recommends that we as a nation return to the ‘virtues of honesty and integrity given in the Christian Bible'.

The first half of the book covers world history from 4000 BC. The second half begins in 1940 and brings us up to the present. Skillfully woven are comments about the author's own biography.

I came away thinking that this book is a must read for all members of our US Congress, as well as for all those of us concerned with the current direction of our nation. I found it rewarding to read and highly recommend it to you.”

-Dr. Ronald L. Trail

"It took me about two months of reading on and off, but I finished reading your book “Stop! Humanity's Roots Live” this afternoon. My daughter Lisa bought a copy from Amazon after I mentioned to her that my best man from 42 years ago was now an accomplished author. She read your book cover-to-cover before leaving it with me as a gift. When I asked her how she liked it, she refused to answer and just said I needed to read it myself and make my own decision unbiased by her opinion.

What a read! I must admit that early on, my expectations were mediocre at best. But it took a bit of time for me to be comfortable with your grammar and writing style (which admittedly was a bit above my pay grade). But as I got into the meat of your narrative, I absolutely enjoyed reading your book. I especially enjoyed your discussion about the “makers” and “takers” since I have thought similarly for quite some time. Many of your personal stories were familiar to me, having known you during your transition period from city slicker to farmer and land owner; however, you provided details heretofore unknown to me that occasionally brought a tear to my eye. One such detail involved early struggles with your “affliction,” and another being the enduring love, motivation and support from your beautiful wife Connie.

The sequence of events expounded upon on a decade-by-decade basis was easy to follow and informative to boot. Harmony … we could use a bit more of that in our daily lives for sure.

Nice job!"

—Life-long distant friend, Russ Anderson

"After learning that my Father's long-time friend wrote a book on human nature and the fall of man, in the midst of an intense struggle between good and evil in my own life, I immediately purchased a copy! I was not disappointed. As an engineer, like the author and my Father, I thoroughly appreciate the organized layout of this book and the logical way that each section led the reader to the same conclusion. In my opinion, it is a perfect framework for the argument of man's nature, never changing since the fall, especially being immersed in a secular society that relies on science and logic for everything. I found it refreshing that the author bluntly and fearlessly calls out certain secular practices that exhibit no truth, beauty, or goodness that have been indoctrinated as socially acceptable in recent years. And I enjoyed the much-anticipated surprise ending (both in the book and in real life). I highly recommend reading this book, especially for other millennials who wonder if they have scales over their eyes."

-Lisa Anderson, PE

--Francesco Sardina

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