Stanford to the Rescue

Brett, Blake, and Gavin meet Stanford the seagull on the beach when Stanford cleverly snatches a piece of Blake's sandwich. As wisecracking Stanford informs the boys it is in his nature to steal, he is distracted when a little canary flies by. Stanford has a crush on the pretty yellow bird and goes to any length to impress her. Meanwhile, the boys build a sandcastle with their new friend Laney.

The lifeguard puts out flags to warn everyone that the surf is dangerous right now. When the sandcastle is finished, Laney insists on going swimming despite the warning from the lifeguard. She is a good swimmer but has a difficult time swimming against the strong current and begins to panic. The boys and Stanford rush to help rescue Laney. Needless to say, the little canary was finally impressed with Stanford and gives him a little reward.

--Sandy Heitmeier Thompson

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