Splintered Wood


Vansheen Hoth, a strong-willed priestess, sets into motion events that reveal a new power from the east. But is this a random attack, or is it heralding something bigger? A group of friends—some old, some new—begin a simple adventure that throws them in the middle of a war. The knight struggles with his faith over the gods and distrusts their intentions. The twins, dexterous warriors whose unexpected return raises questions about their past. The mind mage, a woman trying to make an impact on the world while using her unusual magical talents, which most fear. The druid, a simple man whose faith is as big as his muscles, seeks only peace through the balance of nature. The abomination, a creature who struggles to be accepted from those he was raised to fear, may be falling in love with one. They help each other win battles. They help purge the darkness from the land. They help each with personal struggles. But even through all their challenging endeavors, who will help their souls? Is the fate of Toljynn sealed, or can one small group of individuals make a difference?

--Steven McEwen

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