#Spiritual Selfies: Snapshots from the Inside Out

• # symbolizes the days and times we live in

• Spiritual projects the necessity to edit our lives with a heavenly mindset

• Selfies represents the internal pictures of our character developed by the Lord

This book of poetry is presented by author Glenny Z. Moore. It offers an unfashionable trend for the world; however, it's acquired and required from a heavenly source. The purpose is to meet people where they are spiritually, while encountering real-life situations. Readers are invited to face a variety of daily challenges, while being motivated to address them from the Lord's perspective rather than their own. The content is presented in harmony through encouraging words, lines, and stanzas. The framework will allow readers to focus on the internal sources of our choices—better known as the heart and mind. The author attempts to convince readers to consider turning away from prioritizing and valuing the external way that eventually withers away. The aim is to crop, add light, and colorize our character through biblical precepts. All working together through a divine and cultivating relationship that suggest hope, change, and revival. This process deletes the options of feelings, opinions, theories, or religions to address life issues. It reveals a required dependency, sacrifice, and commitment to Christ to ensure the dark pictures are developed divinely as beautiful testimonials displayed in His light.

--Glenny Z. Moore

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