Speed Bumps on the Way to Heaven

Is the Bible relevant? Of course it is. It is the story of God's redemptive love for mankind, but is it relevant to me and the particular circumstances of my life? In Speed Bumps on the Way to Heaven, I relive my own life-changing transformational stories and then put the Bible to the test. Does it have value? Yes! Is it relevant? Yes! Each chapter, each speed bump, proves that it is.

Stories of all types are found within the pages of the Bible. Marvelous, wonderful stories are there. Terrible, frightening stories as well. Many are well-loved and well-known, but many are overlooked and barely known. Do the names Tamar, Amnon, and Absalom ring any bells? Their story, for example, causes their three lives and the lives of their entire nation to irrevocably and drastically change. Few today know the story, yet it is profoundly relevant to far too many of us.

Join me as I survey the Bible for its parallels between my life and its characters and themes. Stories from my childhood include, but are not limited to, those relating to mother-daughter conflicts, guilt, early failure, and young marriage. Stories from adulthood include those, for example, relating to poor health, my mother's suicide, and aging parents. They are my own Speed Bumps on the Way to Heaven.

I found myself in the pages of the Bible. Will you find yourself there?

--April Vider

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