Some of The Funniest Things Happen in College Settings

Humor on college campuses? Not so much! If any significant amount at all, it is generally within the student ranks. Administrators and staff are too busy by administering and coordinating. Faculty are far too busy teaching, debating, and engaging in scholarly inquiry.

Fortunately, there is a small number in higher education who sees a bit of humor in daily activities. This book highlights the observations of one individual whose journey in this arena spans forty-eight years, 1959–2007. Included is a potpourri of vignettes, chock-full of wit and wisdom.

The vignettes take place in venues the likes of athletic field, president's office, sit-in, prison, hospital, and corn patch.

This book should be of great interest to both faculty and administrators. The public domain has always been curious about the inner workings of higher education. Now it has the chance to have a portion of its curiosity satisfied through this humorous work.

--Leo Mcgee

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