Social Scientific Research and Scholarship Joined with Universal Spiritual Truth Principles in Explaining Donald Trump’s Candidacy and the Voters and Others in His Cohort Who Supports Him: The Search For Higher Wisdom

This book argues the central factors of (1) character-flawed driven attitudes and behavior, as well as (2) fear, as being principle motivations to explaining Donald Trump's supporters and voters, and inclusive of what has come to constitute the current climate of political turmoil with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. The author, Donald L. Yates, brings an informed academic and scholarly spotlight to explaining the political turmoil this country and world finds itself in with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. A robust review and application of relevant cognitive dissonance theory principles in social psychology, and a related “chief feature,” principle within cognitive dissonance theory and behavior theory within the broader discipline of psychology, joined with universal spiritual truth principles, all converge in providing enlightened explanations, and in other ways, answers sought in the phenomenon of both Donald Trump's candidacy, his voters and supporters, and now his presidency in the office he presently holds.

This treatise on Donald Trump's candidacy and subsequently now presidency, including the very voters and supporters credited with his ascension to the office he presently holds, fills an important void which to now, in this writer's opinion, has been lacking in the social media and others in the formal organizational communication and related communicative structures, including newspapers, television, film, magazine, and other manner of mass communication devices and/or tools, coverage on this subject. The void is found in no well inform academic treatment on this subject. This writer is not aware of any similar effort at providing an informed academic review to this question of Mr. Trump's presidency and the accompanying political turmoil Donald Trump's presidency has engendered. Further, it is safe to suggest that much of what is the current medium of information on this subject is lodged in journalistic speculation and guesswork and/or anecdotal speculation. This book's uniqueness and educational value, in the view of this author, are found in its application of the well accepted methodologies, theories, principles, and other structures of social scientific anchored processes, owing to social science–driven scholarly insight and knowledge. This book highlights the prominence of social science scholarly insight on this popular topic and the accompanying theoretical schools of thought within the broader discipline of social science. It is Donald Yates' contention that this vacuum of reference from social science scholarship has hindered a wider, more substantive source of considerations in explaining the political peril the nation and world finds itself in today with the election of Donald Trump.

--Donald L. Yates

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