So Many Tears, and Not Enough Sunshine

He's afraid of his life because the past has been constantly crushing his future. Losing loved ones has clouded his vision of living, and having his heart broken so many times has made him unable to trust anyone. He knows that God doesn't make mistakes, but everything is so overwhelming. He suffers trying to provide and make ends meet, but he never gives up hope for himself. He constantly wonders why it is him who has to face these situations. He looks at his siblings and family and wonders what's wrong with him. He has to find strength from outsiders along the way just to keep moving forward. He knows that if he gives up, there won't be anyone for his children when they need someone. He keeps hoping that his pain has finally ended, but it hasn't.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the last time that his chest is ripped open, but it isn't. He wonders why is there even such a thing as sickness being genetic, but his questions go unanswered. God blesses him to meet an amazing doctor who catches it just in time to give him an answer and prolong his life to find out that there may be someone else out there just like him. Someone who needs him that he never even knew existed. This book is for the lost, suffering, wounded, broken, happy, or the sad. The one's who call God's name and wait for him to respond. God is there if you just listen to that whisper. Just listen . . .

--Anthony Scott

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