Sing Your Warsong Christian!; Devotional and Guide to Praising God in the Midst of Spiritual Battle

Life is a struggle. Most people understand this, but most don't understand the true nature of this struggle. The struggles of life are due to a spiritual conflict that is being waged between God and his enemy. At the foundation of this struggle is the heart of man. We feel this fight being waged inside of us every day, but for many, the fight is lost because they do not understand its true nature. For the disciples of Jesus Christ, the nature of the conflict has been exposed, and they can see what drives the fight that is inside of all of us. But for many Christians, understanding how to conquer the forces that relentlessly siege their hearts in day-to-day life seems like a losing battle.

Sing Your Warsong, Christian! serves as a spiritual handbook that outlines strategies and tactics that will enable Christians to overcome the forces that seek to destroy them. Along with the handbook is a sixty-day devotional that will help equip the reader each day for the fight. At the core of this guide and devotional is the “warsong” concept--praising God in the midst of battle.

Are you struggling? Does it seem the spiritual forces of darkness have pressed in on all sides? Take heart. Read Sing Your Warsong, Christian! and learn how to fulfill your purpose and live under the covering of Christ's victory.

Sing your warsong!

--Michael E. Winkelman

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