Shining Spirit Lets His Love Shine: Book II - The Wingless Eagle Continued The Wingless Eagle

Shining Spirit has grown up. He now wants to help his fellow animals. He sees a need to help others. The need may have come because his family helped him, I tend to believe that it was in God's plan all the time. God has given him a special talent, the mind, and developing a good character to do something instead of looking and just commenting on it.

Shining Spirit is more than a story character. He is anyone that is trying to make a difference and improving their life. Shining Spirit wants to show that he can really love. He is a hero, and heroes are still in this world, not just in storybooks, movies, and comics. Heroes are walking around you. Who and where can he or she be? You could be a hero yourself. Sometimes you can be, just by the way you treat people.

Remember! Beauty can be seen, and not only with the eyes.

--Leslie Hall

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