She Called Herself Jess: I Called Her Jessie, a Love of My Life, My Daughter Letters to My Daughter, Jessica Leigh Pfeifer, from Her Mom She Brought Color to the World

When her beloved daughter, Jessie, took her life three weeks before graduating college, it left the family and all who knew Jessie stunned. Jessie was a vivacious, privileged child who was dearly loved, and she was raised by a loving village, but even that was not enough to get Jessie through her darkest night. Jessie's mom had written letters to her daughter beginning at her birth and decided to share Jessie with the world after her daughter's death. Suicide needs to be brought out of the shadows and talked about with all young adults. Anyone who chooses death over life needs to be fully aware of the destruction that they will leave behind. Suicide is not romantic. Suicide means that you will never walk on this earth again with those who love you. Proceeds from this book will be shared with nonprofit organizations which Jessie would have wanted to support: animals, conservation efforts, children, national parks, and—one that her mom wants to support—suicide prevention.

--Joann Pfeifer

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