Shattered Plans, Still a Future of Hope

He was an ordinary young man, with a passionate vision, and an exceptional work ethic. Life is such that we never know for certain what the future holds. The Shaw family had high hopes for their son Jamiel's future. He was blessed with exceptional athletic and academic abilities. JAS was well mannered and a joy to live with.

Unfortunately, JAS's life was cut short by an act of gratuitous violence. Instantly, all expectations for his bright future were dashed. Mr. Jamiel Shaw has mustered up the fortitude to carry on, in spite of his tremendous loss. How? He still has hope of a brighter future. In fact, he sees his social activism as honoring JAS's life. Hopefully, his activism will help others to avoid experiencing the same horrible fate.

Consequently, Mr. Jamiel A. Shaw continues to bravely fight on, day after day, to make our communities a safer place to live.

--Jamiel A. Shaw, Sr.

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