Sex, Lies, and Bundt Cake: Take a mom, add in a brain tumor, friends, faith, and deception. You have the perfect recipe for....

Nicole Carter has three healthy children, a good marriage, and a great part-time job. She also bakes a great Bundt cake. But when the doctor utters the words, "Your daughter has a brain tumor," all of that seems swept away.

As her world is flipped upside down, Nicole struggles to navigate this new medical world and do her best to juggle the other kids, husband, and home life. With the bills and stress building up around her, can she keep from falling apart? Can she stay focused on what really matters, her faith and her family? Can she keep the negative thoughts and people outside her bubble?

Every two minutes, there is a child somewhere in the world diagnosed with cancer. This affects not only them, but also their entire family. This is a fictional story about a very real situation.

--Stephanie Driscoll

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