Self-Empower Your Self-Image Skills To Achieve Your Goals and Dreams; By Using Motivational Power Phrases BJ Has Written SELF-EMPOWER

Self-empower your self-image skills.

You can tailor-make your own system using BJ's motivational power phrases to achieve your desired success. He did it, why not you? Here are a few of those phrases:

Why has real success escaped so many? Their focus was not on a big dream, if any.

Fear is a paralyzing force that can drive anyone off course.

Self-image means you believe in you. When you believe in you, others will too.

No matter in life what we go through, to ourselves we should always be true.

Always be ready to meet a new friend. This can be a self-image-building trend.

The positive words we continually confess can help us pave the way to our success.

This is one book in a four-book series available online and in all major book outlets. There will be 250 of BJ's motivational power phrases in all four books on the following subjects: self-image, motivation, leadership, and setting goals.

This book is on self-image. All my books can be found on and blog.

--Billy Joe (BJ) Cate

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