Self-Empower Your Motivational Skills To Achieve Your Goals and Dreams; By Using Motivational Power Phrases BJ Has Written SELF-EMPOWER

Self-empower your motivation skills.

You can tailor-make your own system using BJ's motivational power phrases to achieve your desired success. He did it. Why not you? Here are a few of those phrases:

Setting a critical deadline can serve as a motivating sign.

The will for us to win comes from within.

A big dream is a great motivator. It is also an idea and goal creator.

Winners have learned a fact that is true: the art of winning can motivate me and you.

Always remember nothing moves without motivation, even if it be an individual, group, business, or a nation.

Worrying about something wrong we have done can really slow down a winner who needs to run.

This is one book in a four-book series available online and in all major book outlets. There will be 250 of BJ's motivational power phrases in all four books on the following subjects: self-image, motivation, leadership, and setting goals.

This book is on motivation. All my books can be found on and blog.

--Billy Joe (BJ) Cate

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