Seeking Spirituality: One Step At A Time

For anyone seeking deeper spiritual formation and/or a closer walk with God this book will be a guide using Scripture and the Twelve Steps adopted by many addiction treatment programs. Finding a quiet, comfortable space where one can spend an hour, or even thirty minutes, working these steps will bring one the joy of a more mature spiritual relationship with God and deepen faith in one's self. This work is designed that you may take as much of the ritual as you wish and leave the rest. It is advised by the author that you meditate on the scripture reading and compare that with the step you are working on before you read his commentary. Be as honest with yourself as you can in working this program, remembering that our denial can cover a lot of hidden things.

* The author suggests that you begin with Step One (January 1st) no matter the calendar date.

--Gene M. Williams, D.Min

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