Secrets of my Diary

Secrets of my Diary is a book based on a little girl by the name of Brandy Bennett. Throughout her childhood to adulthood, she had to endure many traumatic experiences such as rape and physical and verbal abuse from her mother and molestation from many men. Her mother, Shirley McCoy, was a victim of drug abuse while trying to cope with the fact that Brandy's biological father, Mark, neglected them both.

Having to carry that heavy burden, Brandy fights within herself to deal with her daily life. Pimped, in and out of foster care, and shipped away for money, Brandy becomes isolated to the world around her and locked in her room. Brandy feels as though there is no way out until 2002, an R&B artist by the name of Mario Barrett touches her big screen. Throughout her teenage years until her early thirties, Brandy has kept this artist's music near. As she listens to Mr. Barrett's music on a daily basis, she begins to find healing and self-worth. With the strength of Christ and a God-given voice, Mario keeps Brandy's mental state at bay.

--Princess L. Walker

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