Seasons of Time

Let's lay down religion.

Let's lay down traditions.

Let's start getting it right.

Your walk with God is the most important area of your life. This journey should never be taken for granted. Each day brings about new challenges, new experiences, and new mountains to climb and conquer. The decisions you make today become the cornerstone of the circumstances you face tomorrow. Each and every day, we are working out our salvation as part of God's perfect redemptive plan. Being molded and shaped by the Master can sometimes make us feel overwhelmed or discouraged, it is then we need a helping hand of encouragement or better understanding of the scriptures to apply it to our lives. It is by this method that we learn and grow into God's purpose and are better equipped to run the race into our destiny, not only in this life but most importantly in our life to come.

God loves us so much, but have you ever studied or tapped into the attributes and promises that he has for us? Seasons of Time starts with a Love Letter from God, so you have a better understanding of just who the Master is and what he has to offer you. To draw closer to God, you must understand the redemptive plan that he created. If you don't have a clear understanding of what is in the Old Testament and how it leads to the New Testament, you will never be able to totally appreciate the New Testament for what it really is. So just where do we start? It is always best to start at the beginning with what it takes to become closer to God.

We all know that we must confess our sins and accept Jesus into our hearts, so why not start with the season of repentance in the Old Testament and allow the laws given by God to Moses to become alive in our spirits? By doing this, we create a solid foundation in which we can grow and mature.

Once the groundwork is set, Seasons of Time takes you through different areas of your life, so you can discover the profound truth in the Word of God. What is your responsibility as a man or as a woman? How do you build character? What is discipline and discipleship all about? Do you really recognize the traps set by the enemy? Sexual morality is a subject that each and every individual has pondered in their mind and has sometimes struggled with in their life, but you don't hear that preached from the pulpit! Can you possibly have a demon? What kind of church is Jesus Christ coming back for? How can we become that kind of church, and are we really close to the end?

In today's society, the children of God are often tossed to and fro. Society is changing each and every day, and our culture has adopted a motto: “If it looks good, feels good . . . just do it.” And in most cases, this is not correct in God's eyes. Because of this, Seasons of Time is written in a simple manner, outlining scriptures to encourage you to study and become all you can be for the kingdom of God.

Whether you are a seeker, a new believer, or a seasoned saint, let God use these pages to place your feet firmly on the right path and bring to light his Word in your life.

--Catherine L. Weaver

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