Salvation History: In View of Creation and Fall

Salvation history can be thought of as twofold: one is that God Himself personally takes action and the other is God has humans act. An example of the latter is Exodus in which God had Moses lead the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan. The skin garment that God made with slain animals for the fallen Adam is an example of the former.

Adam's fall is the very starting point of God's saving acts in human history. In His saving acts, God utilized his sin as the means of salvation. However, God's plan on saving human beings began far ahead of the creation of Adam, for omniscient God already knew of Adam's fall before the world had begun. As Apostle Peter confirms, God's will to save lost sinners was planned from the very beginning and Jesus Christ was chosen before the creation of the world as our Savior. In His saving plan, Almighty God reversed all the negatives that would arise from Adam's fall into positives, triumphing over them by the cross.

We need to be clothed in the robe of righteousness, the garments of salvation through Jesus Christ. The fig leaf coverings sewn by human efforts cannot cover our nakedness. In essence, the grace of salvation originates from God, not from fallible humans.

Current human history has been heading towards a thorough restoration of God's image. When the full and perfect restoration of God's image is accomplished, salvation history will finally be complete. Although heavily infected by sin, we have constantly been advancing towards the perfect restoration of God's image and likeness. When Jesus Christ returns to us, our defiled image of God will be transformed into His perfect likeness. On the day when He appears, as Apostle John says, we shall be like Him. That day will be the very end of human history. On that very day, at long last, God's redemptive plan will be completed.

--Sungku Kang

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