Runaway Love

Cassandra Adams was 35 years old when she ran away from home. She hadn't planned to run away. It was a spur of the moment thing, totally out of character. But it had been building up in her for months. The dull ache of unfulfillment. The residue of emptiness that settled on her heart after the daily grind. Pouring out all of herself just to please a company that did not appreciate her, which was run by a father who could not see her. Yet this was the life she had chosen. After a devastating break up, Cassie found comfort in the shelter of her 90-hour work week. Somewhere along the way she had lost herself in that world. Her heart was safe but it was also starving to death. Then it happened: A visitor from her past. An invitation to “come with me.” That was all it took—and she was gone. But now that she's gone, could she ever really come back? With each day that she spends away from her old life, Cassie finds herself wondering: Does she even want to go back? A new world has been opened up to her. Freedom. Beauty. Love. The price of all this goodness, her heart. Would this man she barely knew runaway with her heart like the last one? Or could it be that taking a chance will pay off for her in ways she could never have imagined? Runaway Love is the first of the Not-so Virtuous Women in Love series. Everyday women searching for love and finding faith along the way.

--Cat Meyers

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