Rosa's Big Comeback

Rosa Brown was an educated sixty-year-old woman, who worked in the corporate world. Life was good until she was informed by her employer that her services were no longer needed. Devastated and confused, Rosa found herself living in a women's shelter in Washington, DC. Eventually her life became elevated when she joined a work program and found steady employment as a receptionist. Jay Schroeder, a white male friend and his sister Mona gave Rosa two gifts: a place of her own to live, and a top-of-the-line sewing machine, enabling her to follow her dream as a fashion designer.

After modeling her designer dress on the runway of a fashion show in Atlanta, Rosa was sought out by a celebrity who hires her as a personal stylist and tailor. Rosa then becomes her own celebrity. She leaves her adopted family at Millie's House in the nation's capital to fulfill her dream in Atlanta. Everyone she knows is amazed at this miracle, herself included. And Rosa becomes a testimony for other women.

The author tells the story of a woman who rose from poverty to riches by using her natural talent and gifts. Readers are taken on a journey through life on the streets of Washington, DC, and a view of what many homeless women encounter regularly. The author also introduces readers to Millie's House, a day service for women to meet and change their lives. This story defies the stereotypical attitudes and preconceived notions surrounding some women who suffer the experience of homelessness.

There is a message in Rosa's story; that a woman can hit rock bottom in life, put hands and feet to her faith, and follow her dreams no matter what circumstances she encounters.

--Joyce L. Barnett

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