Rise of the Mystics

The Kingdom of Angora has enjoyed generations of peace, mostly because of the size and strength of its army. When the Temple of Sauther in Valenwood is attacked and an ancient artifact is stolen, the senior shepherd of the temple tasks an elite group of warriors, The Legion, to find the persons responsible and recover the artifact.

After learning to control the power of the Emerald Core, the emperor of Disseria invades Angora with a plan to use superior magic to overcome the significant advantage of the Angoran military. Supported by his god, Maug, the emperor seizes control of the coastal port of Judson Bay, the largest city in the Angoran Kingdom.

The emperor's magic, bolstered by the artifact, proves to be too powerful for the Angorans. The future of Angora rests on the shoulders of two young legion recruits. Seeking answers to their obscure backgrounds and mysterious abilities, Storm and Kadeen must trust each other and conquer self-doubt and adolescence if they are to become the heroes Angora needs.

--Steve Evett

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