Reminiscences of June: A Traveling Grandmother, and Her Forensic Life

This biography has thirty-one chapters, over eighty thousand words, and over two hundred illustrations, photos, or diagrams. Billy Graham, the world-famous evangelist, once described his wife, Ruth Bell Graham, as the world's greatest Christian. Stan Berg, the author of June's biography, is convinced that June is the greatest Christian that he has ever known. June portrays the Christian love, the cornerstone of the Christian religion, always smiling, friendly, and dedicated to the Lutheran Church. One entire chapter of this book (the longest) is so dedicated in chapter 8, “June and the Lutheran Church.” It was June's influence that changed the author Stan from a declared agnostic to a devoted and dedicated Christian. One chapter (chapter 30) tells the story of June's Christian love in the chapter on “June and a Little Girl from Africa.” The book traces June's life through her early (Great Depression), middle, and elderly years, including her Alzheimer's years. Her many worldwide forensic-science travels are detailed. June and Stan traveled the world attending about 170 forensic-science conferences in Russia, Hungary, Austria, London, Edinburgh, Rome, the Vatican, Zurich, Canada, Mexico, and Dusseldorf, Germany. London was June's favorite city where she visited nine times and made personal friends of the Bruce's, south of London in Bexley, Kent. June also had an interest in Sherlock Holmes and visited his London haunts and twice stayed at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel. Stan often described June as his Dr. Watson for a lifetime!

--Stanton O. Berg

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