Releasing Your Faith Through the Word

This book is a must read. The author is one of the most provocative pastors in America. He is not well-known; neither does he desire to be. He is one of few pastors who totally depend on the Lord for every word spoken and every word preached. You see, not only is Pastor Ardoin totally dependent on God, but the reason is thought-provoking. Pastor Ardoin, from humble beginnings, quit school to work in the fields of Louisiana to help support his younger siblings. When he was accepted by Christ into the family of God, he could not read, making him totally dependent on man to quench his hunger and thirst for the Word. Once he realized that depending on man was not good, he beseeched God to teach him. His desire was to only be able to read God's Word. God heard his servant and taught him to read His Word. To this day, Pastor Ardoin can only read the Bible, no other book. He depends totally on God and whatever Word He would have him speak. When he speaks, the Word is as an oracle of God. Unable to research or read others' opinions of the Word, he cannot alter what God has to say. The words written in this book are a few of many messages given to him by way of the Holy Spirit. He does not change God's message. His messages are awe-inspiring and thought-provoking. This book will not tickle your ear but give you truth straight from the Man Himself, God. His decision to publish is to be able to reach more with the truth. Many believe truth is relative, but Pastor Ardoin believes truth to be absolute when it is based in the Word of God. Releasing Your Faith through the Word is completely Word-based (Bible) and Spirit-led. In the words of our Lord, “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

--Pastor Wilbert J. Ardoin

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