The author uses an honest and vibrant approach in “telling the story” in this collection of poems, while reflecting on memorable events in her life and the influences of those around her. Many of the poems depict what it was like growing up as a baby boomer on a rural prairie near and in Whiteface and Levelland, both small West Texas oil field boomtowns. The author's remarkable past is exemplified with family customs in Christmases past and experiences of living in the country and visiting grandparents on their farm, for which you may relate. The author also includes the blessings and mishaps of being a pastor's wife and the versatility of the ministry as well as her relationship with her mother, her family, and God. Many experiences and life's lessons are conveyed within this author's rhythmic verse, in addition to: humor, love, humility, disappointment, frustration, compassion and incomparable joy, and last but not least, a few blunders and tragedies that occurred during the author's lifetime. Some comments by readers and poetry connoisseurs indicate that this author's poetry is impressive! Ten inspirational poems, written by the author's loving and departed mother, Wilma Bryant Hunnicutt, are included in the “In Tribute” section of this book.

--Deb H. McIntire

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